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Security Companies need to be at the cutting edge of technology, this remains a challenge for such companies with new technologies continuously being introduced not to mention consumers who are learning more about products and downloading information online more now than ever before.

The recent introduction of Microdot Technology “The tiniest fighter against crime” is one such product that has already proven to be extremely effective in prevention of theft and recovery of vehicles.

CCTV Systems are no longer about cameras, observation or recording, it has evolved into the Digital/IP/Internet age, where streaming video images over the internet is now the order of the day (known as Off-Site Monitoring).
Access Control Systems which once allowed access to anyone with an authorised card or tag, now allow access by recognition of a finger print (known as Biometric), there are even systems offering “Facial Recognition” that’s right it can recognise a face.
Alarm Systems are now able to communicate to Alarm Monitoring Control rooms via the Internet using IP or GPRS, offering up to date status of security systems. Some systems even allow consumers online access to their alarm systems via the internet.

The Convergence of CCTV and Alarm Systems has led to Video Verification Systems which enable Alarm Monitoring Control Centres/and or Consumers to verify the presence of a threat at a premises before responding to the activation.

At Paltco our core focus is to offer security products with sound technical advice to help meet the ever growing demands of the new generation consumer who has become more informed with regular internet access.

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